Cycles of the Day

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I’m old enough to remember (I start a lot of sentences that way now…) when computers were something of a novelty, when the bowling alley I worked in started installing arcade games like Asteroids and Missile Command and Centipede. But there were low-tech versions as well, and one of them… Read more »

Spotted in the wild…

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I have my copies of the book here at home in Vermont, but empirically, they’re the only ones I know actually exist. I’ve heard a rumor that there’s one in England, but I haven’t had visual corroboration. Until yesterday. There’s been a confirmed sighting in the Great Lakes region… And… Read more »

Words When You Can’t Sleep

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You know that wonderful, lingering state just before you fall fully asleep, when you’re just roaming back and forth between awareness and bliss, and the dreams are showing you their previews? I had that last night. And sometimes when I have that, it emerges in sounds and words. The word… Read more »

The Anonymous Professor

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Relatively Undisciplined

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Unseen Allies

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The Alluring Lie of Balance

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Holy Cow!

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A couple of early reviews of The PhDictionary have come in, and it’s gratifying to see that the response has thus far been welcoming. But just yesterday, Inside Higher Ed ran a review and a long interview that I did with their correspondent Colleen Flaherty. They really gave the book… Read more »

Yes, but…

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Why are faculty meetings so miserable? I think it’s because, as scholars, we’ve trained ourselves in ways that make it almost inevitable. Think about the basic moves of a scholar’s career. To paraphrase Birkenstein & Graff’s work on academic templates, the origin of almost every piece of research can be… Read more »

Unseen Work

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I tend to mistrust “how-to” books. I think they’re too sanitized to be trustworthy, reducing┬ácomplex and contextual circumstances to linear recipes. Much more interesting are the “how-it-happened” books, in which some person talks about how their amazing life got to be so amazing. Filled with stories and accidents and roads… Read more »