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Inside Higher Ed

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I read Inside Higher Ed quite a lot, get their daily e-mail update. It’s a great headline-level news aggregation tool, not unlike Daily Kos or Truthout. And they do investigative work of their own, as well as posting opinion and career advice. You’ll hear more honesty about the adjunct world… Read more »

The Next Big Thing

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Sorry to have been away. Between a significant client deadline, splitting and stacking firewood, working the town dump on large waste and scrap metal day, and trying to figure out the last quarter of a story I’m writing, it’s been a long week. But I come bearing good news. The… Read more »

Don’t Judge a Book… oh, go ahead.

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One of the most delightful aspects of working on The PhDictionary was receiving a copy of the proposed cover design. I was just delighted by every bit of it. (If you look on the back cover, down by the edge of the spine, you’ll see “Book and cover design: Matt… Read more »

Spotted in the wild…

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I have my copies of the book here at home in Vermont, but empirically, they’re the only ones I know actually exist. I’ve heard a rumor that there’s one in England, but I haven’t had visual corroboration. Until yesterday. There’s been a confirmed sighting in the Great Lakes region… And… Read more »

Holy Cow!

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A couple of early reviews of The PhDictionary have come in, and it’s gratifying to see that the response has thus far been welcoming. But just yesterday, Inside Higher Ed ran a review and a long interview that I did with their correspondent Colleen Flaherty. They really gave the book… Read more »

The Book is Born!

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The first advance copies of The PhDictionary will make their debut at the American Educational Research Association conference this weekend in Washington D.C.! Thanks to Elizabeth Branch Dyson and the entire U. Chicago Press team for making this a reality.