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Physician, Heal Thyself

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I never thought of myself in Dear Abby territory, but I do give advice to people for a living. (In response to one client’s question last week about what to do with a sticky situation, I replied, “Fire them all. And then quit.”) A lot of my advice has to… Read more »

The Adjuncts’ Exile

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Last week, Nora and I went to a memorial service for a friend. It was a beautiful, mild June Saturday. The church was filled, folding chairs in the foyer, and a tent outside with another hundred listening to the service on speakers. Maybe 400 people, in a town of only… Read more »

Temporary Sanity

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We all know about being able to plead temporary insanity as a part of a trial. I think the real fact is that most of us are temporarily sane, that being able to look at ourselves and the world around us with some equanimity is a pretty fragile state. One… Read more »