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Who ARE these people?

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It’s probably been twenty years since I first saw this bit of photocopier humor. (Now that it’s on the internet, it’s called a “meme,” but it used to just be called “this thing I┬áput on my bulletin board.”) The caption at the bottom read, “Times are getting tough. We might… Read more »

Oversimplifiers of the World, Unite!

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For years, I’ve made the case that every faculty member plays three roles for their students, even without knowing they’re doing it. There’s the teacher, the person who introduces students to the material of a field and the rigor of its investigation. There’s the supervisor, the person who takes an… Read more »

The Next Big Thing

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Sorry to have been away. Between a significant client deadline, splitting and stacking firewood, working the town dump on large waste and scrap metal day, and trying to figure out the last quarter of a story I’m writing, it’s been a long week. But I come bearing good news. The… Read more »