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Eighty Dollars an Hour!!!

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As a member of the select board in my small town (and the board¬†clerk), I receive a stipend of $700 per year. I’ve never actually done the arithmetic, but as close as I can tell, that comes to about a buck or buck and a half an hour. The $700… Read more »

On Academic Writing

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I was writing to a friend this afternoon about her dissertation work, and remembered a story I’d forgotten until today. I finished my dissertation in November 1996. I’d explicitly structured it as a series of stories, each about a particular kid in a particular place, and then pulling it together… Read more »

Wait, what?

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One of the joys of being on my small community’s selectboard is that you never know what the next meeting is going to bring. Buy 440 cubic yards of gravel? No problem. The ATV club wants permission to operate four-wheelers on North Street? Sure, we’ll consider that. Property tax rates,… Read more »

Bureaucratic Blues

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It’s increasingly evident to me that accreditation is an instance of Oscar Wilde’s observation about “knowing the price¬†of everything and the value of nothing.” Wilde used that as his definition of a cynic, and accreditation increasingly feels cynical to me. Bureaucracies are almost by definition cynical enterprises. They have to… Read more »

Learning to Teach

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I remember being a TA for ARCH302, Architecture and Human Relations. It was my second year of grad school, and I got to give three or four of the semester’s lectures. And because I was still pretty new to the field, and because I didn’t trust either my knowledge or… Read more »