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Post-Dissertation Support

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Every summer, a friend and I lead a writing workshop for faculty at a college near Baltimore, helping their teaching-focused faculty develop journal articles, convert dissertations into books, and write grant proposals. Along the way, I’ve learned an infinitesimal amount of chemistry, enough nursing practice to be better able to… Read more »

Sectarian Violence

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The comedian Emo Phillips performed a routine (click that link) that has been voted the greatest religious joke ever written. Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, “Don’t do it!” He said, “Nobody loves me.” I said, “God loves you. Do you believe in God?” He… Read more »

The Genius of Bureaucracy

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I’ve been working at a faculty development retreat all week, and the stories at lunch are always the best part. And one of the things that struck me was the number of great ideas that have been turned into bloodless procedure. Yes, it’s brilliant to name the learning outcomes that… Read more »

Scholars Behaving Badly

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A dissertation advisor has a lot of different roles. S/he is the content guide, the networking guide, the methodological guide, the institutional-logistics guide. But an unspoken role of the dissertation chair is to just be a decent, intelligent, empathetic person. And boy, the fails pile up. The dissertation chair who,… Read more »

Free Agent, Redux

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Okay, in my last post, I talked about the ways in which we don’t support one another strongly enough in higher ed. Let’s talk about the other side, the ways in which higher ed has strongly defended the role of tenure. Tenure is intended to be a protection of intellectual… Read more »

Free Agent

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I just saw Michael Moore’s movie Where to Invade Next with some friends on Saturday night. It’s a terrific movie, as he usually delivers, though not I think as powerful as Roger & Me or Bowling for Columbine. But one of the ideas that he hopes to “colonize” for America… Read more »

Inevitable Setbacks in the Equally Inevitable Victory

After the 2005 London subway bombings, there was a vast and immediate response by the English, which spread almost worldwide within days. We are not afraid. We can hold onto anger and fear. Or we can recognize that it won’t be long until those who hate become irrelevant. We are at… Read more »

Impostor Syndrome

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Every so often, people ask me if there are other terms I’d add now that the book’s been completed. Based on conversations I’ve had in the past few days, I’d say yes. Here’s one… In this case, one that might be the largest concept underlying the book, one that appears in… Read more »

Home Cultures

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A friend of mine just sent a link to a very nice piece at the new York Times, by a writer with whom I’m not familiar, Annie Liontas. She was discussing the ways in which some families have artists within them; other families introduce their kids to fine art and… Read more »

Words Unspoken in My Home

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I recently spent a few days with a friend about to send her eldest son off to college. And as she talked about their plans for the summer and fall, I realized that there were just a lot of things we take for granted as white-collar professionals that many of… Read more »